Thursday, March 10, 2011

Desperate for Sales

I don't make a habit of this and won't make a habit of this, but I am desperate right now for sales in my online yarn store. 

As many of you know from Sockamania days, I have found myself in a difficult situation as a suddenly single mother of two teenagers because of my husbands death.  I am struggling to make ends meet and take care of all the needs of two teenage children.

I have an online yarn store at  I carry a very nice line of yarn, Haneke, that was created here in the United States, in Idaho.  The yarn is top quality merino, alpaca, angora, etc. and I have been VERY pleased with the pricing for their products compared to the quality.  Haneke comes in a variety of weights, blends, and colors.  I usually have more than what is listed for sale so if 3 or 4 skeins is not enough "Convo." me and I will let you know how much more I have available in back stock.  I also carry Dale of Norway and produce my own hand dyed lace weight and sock weight yarns.  I am ALWAYS happy to custom dye yarns or create something special for you. 

In addition to yarn, my store also sells my hand made stitch markers, both on the needle and on the stitch varieties.  I have many of my original design patterns for sale also.  You can view custom projects that I have created for my customers also.  There are knitting, weaving, and spinning t-shirts, hand made items, and WIP pins for sale also.

Please, when you go to purchase your yarn for your next project, consider shopping in my store.  All Sockamania and Tails of Another Yarn members get free shipping so be sure to let me know so I can remove the shipping costs before you purchase your yarn or other knitting paraphernalia.

Thank you so much,
The Twisted Hare

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