Monday, December 20, 2010

Norwegian sweater december

(Front of sweater)
My contribution for december.
My little son loves knitted sweaters, and his mom loves knitting them!

I love snowflakes in wintersweaters and hadn't knitted them yet, so after I found this yarn in my stash, I searched for a doable pattern and started knitting and came to the conclusion that I was short on white...

(back of the sweater)

But I had an idea: one of the sleaves got partial red, with a green snowflake, and just a bit white in the background.

Problem solved!

And my little one loves it!

Just like his mom.


Tails of Another Yarn said...

Great sweater! I love it.----Tama

Sandy and Steve said...

It is absolutely stunning. I hope your little guy is old enough to appreciate the time and love that went into it.