Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saint-Brigid Carnamoyle stockinettes (Januari)

Made for a KAL on Ravelry, in the group Year of Stash Socks.

My choise for the month was this pattern (click)
the yarn I used: Lana Grossa Linea Pura Organico Print.
the needles: a very quick 5mm
As the good observer already noticed: I adjusted the pattern to my taste. I love the cable so much that I didn't want to stop by the foot, but just knitted it further down.
My taupé was just not enough for two socks, so I also added a second colour and formed some stripes.
These socks are my sitting-by-the-fire-socks, so comfy, so warm. I guess I fell in love with them.

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Sandy and Steve said...

They look very cozy. I love the stripes.