Thursday, February 17, 2011

February Projects

The puppets are "Critter Mitts", made from a KnitPicks kit, using their Stroll worsted weight yarn. they were a blast to make, and are a gift for my grandsons. There was a platypus in the kit too, but I thought he looked weird, so I didn't make him.

The socks are Errant Socks from Mason and Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. Yarn is Essential (Stroll) from KnitPicks in the Volcano Twist colorway. I knit them toe up two at a time.


Jackie Knits said...

Th critters are cute!
The socks are beautiful!
Great job!!

Nui said...

love the critter mitts. So cute!

Challee... said...

Love your mitts....!!! Bravo !