Friday, May 13, 2011

Name That Yarn Contest

Wow! It's been too long.  Let's do something fun...something that includes a prize for someone?  I have dyed some yarn, some really nice yarn :o) However, I am struggling to name the colorway.  So, I thought I would put it to all of you to see if one of you could give it a name that fits.

The yarn is a luscious blend of superwash wool, silk, and bamboo.  It has a bit of luster to it and the colors are really deep and rich.  So here is the skein:
Saphire blue, emerald green, and a black.  The colors blend where each color turns into the next so there are also blue/green, dark steel blue, and a forest green.

Who ever can give this yarn a name that I like can choose a set of stitch markers and one of my patterns from my store as their prize!!

Good Luck!


RoteSchnegge said...

my suggestion: Deep Sea

Jackie Knits said...

How about: Earth and Sky

Sylvia said...

Rain Forest.

Margi said...

reminds me of a Blue Sapphire Ceanothus so that's what I'd call it "Ceanothus"!

craftymummy said...

Cornish Sea - it reminds me of the sea in Cornwall where we love to go on holiday x

Sandy and Steve said...

"Lake Louise," named after that beautiful lake in British Columbia. Or "Vancouver."

I don't know how many skeins you've dyed, but I want one, no matter what it's called!