Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Gobi Camel House Booties

I purchased the "Knitting Traditions" Fall 2011 edition from Interweave Press the other day and saw some simple socks that I thought were interesting.  The yarn is purchased from Mongolian Herdsman in the Gobi desert region.  It's camel fiber, hand spun.  I went to the web site that offers the yarn and purchased three skeins.  I created these House booties for me :)  The yarn is definitely hand spun.  There is still a little vegetable matter and some guard hairs making the yarn a little scratchy.  However, it's extremely warm (after all the same fiber keep the camels of the Gobi Desert warm) and perfect for wearing around the house.

Watch for the pattern to appear on Ravelry and on my blog as a free pattern.

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