Monday, November 8, 2010

How To Join

How To Join Tails of Another Yarn

Thank you for your interest in joining Tails of Another Yarn and wanting to become part of the Tails of Another Yarn family. To join is free but you have to be a member of the Blog first, then you will be invited to join the Google group. The Blog is for posting about your completed or in progress knitting projects and finished photos.  Google group is where patterns will be posted for downloading. Occasionally Tama will post one of her new designs.  You will be able to retrieve that pattern on Google groups. (Remember that all of Tama’s wonderful patterns are copyrighted.)

To be included in the draw, a photo of your current in progress or completed knitting project must be posted along with a description by the end of the month. If a photo is not included, you will not be eligible for the prize draw. Once you have posted a photo of a project that is in progress you cannot repost unless it is a photo of the finished project. **Note**  Along with your photo, each posting should include the name of the project, the name of the pattern and how it may be obtained, the yarn you used and any adjustments you made to the pattern.

Each month a winner will be drawn and a prize sent. If you have posted a photo of a project in progress, or a completed project, you will receive one chance at the draw.

Before you request to join, please note that the Blog and the group are both Google and the invites to both MUST be to the same email address. If you have a gmail/google mail account, use that.  This will make things easier for you and us.
Do not join the blog with one email address and then ask to join the group with a different one. If you do so you will have your blogger membership removed and you will have to start over again.

1 - Send a mail to requesting to join.
When applying, make sure you are using the email address you are going to use on the blog and group.  Those that ask for a invite with one address and then join with another will be removed.
This is done towards the end of the month, so please be patient and wait for your invite to arrive. It is up to you to accept promptly so you are ready to start knitting and posting from the start of the following month.

2 - Accept your Blogger invite. We do not receive notification that you have accepted your invite, so at this point you have two choices to join the Google Group.
The best and quickest option is to email us at stating you have accepted your invite and would like an invite to the Google group.
(Again, it is important that you make sure you use the same email address that you have used to sign up with on the Blog or you will have to wait until we have seen on the members list that you have accepted.  The Google group is unlisted.  You will not find it or gain membership by searching for it.

If an email address needs to be verified, you will be sent a message supplying you with a link to sort that out. If you do not accept your Blogger invite you will not be invited to the group. No show on the Blog, no go on the group.

To keep your membership:
We will monitor all members on their participation. If you have not posted a photo of an in progress or completed project within 4 months of joining you will be removed as a member. After that you will need to post at least once every six months in order to remain an active member.
If you have been removed and fulfilled the requirements above, please email us with a link to your post. To have your membership activated again.

Happy Knitting
Tails of Another Yarn Admin Team

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