Sunday, November 21, 2010

November contribution: Trio of socks

These socks have a lot to tell.
The blue-orange one was the first of my fair isle addiction, a creation of myself. The second one was born while the first pair was still in progress, also my own creation. And then Tama came along with the leaves on sock three so a thirth pattern was set up the needles.
This month, I finally finished the last of six: the white with green sock.
Unfortunatly my camera is playing hide and seek, but I hope to post the complete pair before the end of November.
All socks are made with left overs, mostly from Lana Grossa sockyarn. The
blue yarn is with soya, also from Lana Grossa.


pendie said...

Those are gorgeous; I know I can do color work if I try but I just can't convince myself!

MariecusBruyn said...

Ok, than I will convince you: You can do it! Just do it!
Picture next month ;)